Automatic Car Identification System

Ideal security system for commercial and private use with cross-platform user dashboard

Car Identification

ACIS provides complex car identification system which provides you with all necessary information about detected cars.

Warning System

Warning system allows you to create and modify warning patterns based on personal needs.


Thanks to scalable nature of the project, ACIS works perfectly in case of high traffic systems as well as in small car parks and houses.

Friendly Dashboard

Manage everything in one place thanks to friendly, customisable ACIS dashboard presenting all essential information.

100% accuracy in car
detection and identification

ACIS system provides a successful way for automatic car detection and identification in all weather conditions. Car features such as licence plates number, make and color are easily recognized and logged.

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Manage car park
gate operators

ACIS' car plates database can be integrated into car park infrastracture to control gate operators. Gates can automatically open if a car belonging to authorized group was detected.

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Stay informed
at all times

ACIS dashboard panel is available on all platforms, including Windows, Linux and mobile systems such as Android and iOS. Thanks to this, you can always stay informed about incoming alerts on your smartphone.

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Other Features

Here's a list of what else ACIS has to offer


Gain access to all statistics related to traffic, amount of detected cars, alerts, etc.


ACIS provides list of filterable logs, which allows you to easily find records from given time.

Camera Calibration

Image can be calibrated through set of transformations for better detection rate.

User Panel

System can be distributed among multiple users, each having access to specific part of data.

Configurable Dashboard

Dashboard can be configured based on user needs, providing most useful information.


ACIS can be adjusted and integrated with other systems for additional functionalities.

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Pricing plan

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Price On Request

  • 1-3 users
  • Cross-platform dashboard
  • Car information detection system
  • Alerts system
  • Up to 3 cameras
  • Logs and statistics
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Price On Request

  • Unlimited users
  • Cross-platform dashboard
  • Car information detection system
  • Alerts system
  • Unlimited cameras
  • Logs and statistics
  • System integration with existing infrastructure
  • 24/7 support
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Available On Systems

ACIS is a cross-platform system which runs on all operating systems which have access to web browser such as: Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS.

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